Teaching and Learning From Home

A response to COVID-19 School Closures

Teacher teaching class illustation

Our world continues to experience heartbreaking challenges, and kindness has never felt more essential. Part of our work in activating kindness is done by providing a place for parents and educators to find the resources they need to help them navigate this unique time.

And even though summer has just begun, we’re already gearing up for the school year and preparing for the launch of our Learn Kind Program this fall. Our brand new, evidence-based curriculum will include pathways for any learning environment teachers find themselves in when the school year starts. Learn Kind is embedded with tools to nurture student well-being and includes resources specific to the pandemic we are navigating. Sign up to get more information and stay updated.

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Video Conferencing & Interactive Learning Platforms

Need to communicate with your students virtually in real time or monitor their progress and provide feedback? These video conferencing tools and interactive learning platforms provide a broad range of features to help you do just that.

A special thank you to our partner, Nivea, for their generous support of our Learn Kind program.